How do I get started using this website?

Start by copy & pasting a url into the box at the top of the pagestep1
The next webpage shows you a "snapshot" of your URL
Underneath the snapshot is an area for commenting step2

How do other people see the snapshot page?

All they need to do is copy & paste in the same URL you did!

Is it possible to have a snapshot page that is private and invite-only?

Not currently. This will be a feature added when there is enough interest generated.
Let us know if you are wanting this or other special features

How can I find stuff?

Find the and type your search in the box
You can use domain names, sub-domain names, or words that might appear in the URL title or description

How do I post a comment?

First you need to enter a URL or search for one as mentioned in the section
Underneath the snapshot of your URL is an area for commenting
You need to register with the DISQUS commenting platform to post

Can I post Anonymously?

Yes. Anonymous commenting is enabled
If you are already logged in, click your username then Logout DISQUS logout
If you do not have a DISQUS account yet, you can click I'd rather post as a guest DISQUS guest

How do I see my recent activity?

From the snapshot page, click the CommentBin in the DISQUS comment area
This will show the DISQUS sidebar DISQUS sidebar
DISQUS sidebar

Have you disabled DISQUS tracking?

Yes. We have disabled this DISQUS "feature"
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Send us a message for any other questions